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8 January, 2014 (13:31) | Thoughts & Ideas

I’m visualizing a software for organizing digital photographs. it should be able to take feeds from multiple sources, like a home network of phones,pcs, and macs. the UI (user interface) has a 3d globe on it, and you can spin the glob around to see all the places photos were taken by reading their geotagged data. There should be a slider to limit the display of photos during a specific time range. Maybe some check boxes to select which feeds are available.

Digital photograph storage and organization is such a mess, and an exponentially growing mess at that. iPhoto makes great strides, but its not on the PC and there’s no really good way to bring multiple devices together. With filtering and face recognition, it would be easy to find “that one picture with me and you when we were at the baseball game years ago”. Rather than just scrolling through hundreds of thumbnails.


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  • Julia Morley

    Have you tried Lightroom? I haven’t played with it much because its libraries eat so much space on my hard drive, but I have friends who swear by it.