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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood house interior in LEGO – A Beautiful Day in the Block

29 June, 2014 (22:24) | LEGO© Creations

I love Mister Rogers.  I loved his show, but I loved his work and his demeanor.  He cared and he truly had a mysterious way of calming you.  I won’t go on about him, plenty of others already aggregated lists for that.

To show my appreciation, I wanted my next Pittsburgh build to be Mister Rogers related.  I had a few different ideas that I’ve been dragging along for a while, but this one hit me quickly and I knew I could pull it off with the parts I had in a short period of time.  I could only find 1 picture of the full room and it was very small.  I tried using video clips, but the picture was just going to have to work.

There were no major hangups.  There were lots of cut corners, that I could go back and fix, but I’m happy enough with it.  I thought it was funny about how ugly the curtains were in the picture and verified in the videos.  I don’t remember them at all, but man, those are hideous.  No real good way to pull those off simply, so I just made ugly colorful curtains.  You can see in the reference picture, Picture Picture wasn’t in it.  Of course Picture Picture had to me in my build!  I LOVED PICTURE PICTURE!  I almost peed my pants when Daniel Tiger took a tour of the crayon making factory.  THAT WAS MY FAVORITE!  …but I digress.

It is currently on display at S.W. Randall in Squirrel Hill for their annual LEGO competition.  Voting begins July 1st and ends July 13th.  I’ve won the past 2 years, and had intended to “let someone else win it”, but, the more I thought about it, the more I think that’s the wrong way to go about it.  It’s true, I want someone else to win, but I also want to see the adult community grow in the Pittsburgh area!  I took my entry in today, with 1 more day to enter, so I didn’t get store front window placing, which will make it very hard to win.  There are 5 other adult entries, one by my friend and fellow LUG member, Dan Efran.  Tip o’ the hat to my punmaster friend, Brian, for helping me come up with the title “A Beautiful Day in the Block”.


And if you have a moment, please vote for my Cathedral of Learning LEGO Ideas project!  If it reaches 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider producing it as an official set!!!



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