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Words, words, words, have you heard

23 July, 2014 (12:00) | Little Things

A few months back, I drove past a auto body shop called “Pair o’ Dice” and I thought that was a terrible name for a business.  Clever?  Sure.  But you’ll have to explain the name to every customer – let alone direct traffic to your website properly.  As I’m thinking more and more about the situations where the owner must clarify the name, I’m saying “paradise” over and over in my head, until at the same moment, lyrics to a new song on the radio said “paradise” at the same time I thought it.  I wish I could remember the track.  It was something by a newer band, alternative rock.

I had not posted about it, because I wanted to heard that song again so I could include it in the post, but I just had another similar situation, so I figured I’d post it anyway.  I’m out for a run in the neighborhood, and I hear a mom yell to her daughter, “Sierra, it’s time for dinner”.  She definitely yelled and drew out that “Sierra”…just as the words to Cursive’s song “Sierra” did, only a few seconds later.  So strange.


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