Daddy Log

She will kiss you till your lips bleed

12 August, 2015 (19:01) | Daddy Log

Maddie watched Juliette and I from the couch.  I had thrown Maddie there as she had a laughing fit from the G-force that only her daddy can induce.  I noticed her, peeking over the cushions, and thought how grown up she has become.  She’s such a ponderer.  Just like her dad.  Juliette and I horsed around on the floor, making her voice sound choppy as I vibrated her belly with my foot.  Maddie watched on in admiration.  Alas, I had to head back to work, and as I cleaned up some dishes on the counter in a final attempt to keep house, I heard Maddie burst into tears.  Something happened.  What?  No one saw a thing happen to that laughing bundle as she maintained her red-faced perch on the back of the couch.  The sitter swooped – I analyzed.  The only culprit that made sense was an accidental attack of the firm couch edge to her mouth.  As Maddie reached out for Daddy from the sitter’s embrace, I asked her if it was her lips that hurt her.  She confirmed.  As I asked her if I could kiss it and make it all better, I don’t think she even let me finish my sentence before she was wide mouthed and coming in for some love.  Still feverishly crying, she pounced on the opportunity to find relieve from the pain.  She sought me.  With my own lips coated in her crimson now, I held her even closer.  I love you so much, Madeline Jane.  More than words on the internet will ever express.  Pain is life, sadness too, but where you find strife, I’ll be there for you.