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9 August, 2017 (10:13) | LEGO© Creations

It’s been a minute since I did any LEGO creations for myself.  Usually my time, energy, and abilities are spent towards something with the girls or with the LUG.  This isn’t an exception, but it was a good break to show that I can still bust out a project in a few hours of dedicated focus.  Within 12 hours of talking to the person who wanted this done, I had completed it.  It just happened that I didn’t have the girls and my day was empty before I started work.

It’s simple enough – just started with a pic 2 brick render, stripped out the blue border and built it to be 4 studs thick.  Originally, I had thought to build a black base for it, but I just left off a plate or two on the bottom so that all the letters has an even contact point to stand on.

It’s about 28″ wide and 16″ tall.  Probably around 2,000 pieces in it.  I built a Steel City LUG business card into the P so that if it ever broke, they’d know who to contact.


I left the instructions for anyone that was interested here.