30 by 30

By my 30th birthday, Friday, November 16th, 2012, I’d like to accomplish a few things.  I got the idea to come up with the list from my friend, Ben, but I’m not ambitious enough to list 100 things in 1000 days.  I was thinking about just doing “24 things in 24 months” but that makes it seem too urgent to complete things monthly.  I want this to be a gradual process, and hopefully a natural one as well.  I’ll update the list with dates and descriptions on how it was satisfied as we go along.

Professional Growth:

1.  Earn the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

I passed the exam on June 15th, 2011!

2.  Earn a Masters degree

Finished my last class in March 2012 – graduation set for May.

7.  Take a promotion or new job

As of June 1, 2011, I’ll be the group manager.


3.  Run a 5k in less than 24 minutes

4.  Run a 10k in less than 50 minutes

11.  Be able to do 100 pushups

21.  Dunk (on 10′)


5.  Get Kallie pregnant

We’re due April 12th, 2012

12.  Spend dedicated time for a day or an activity with each of my nieces/nephews:


Dave came over and sorted LEGO bricks with me in March 2012


Abbie stayed with us 2 nights before Mother’s day 2011


Watched Ben while everyone else went to a concert March 31st, 2012








29.  Spend at least 1 full day a year with my mother


6.  Pay off personal school loans

19.  Have $10,000 in liquid assets

25.  Give 1 gift worth $100 anonymously


8.  Go to a country I’ve never been to

9.  Go on a cruise

10.  Go to a U.S. city I’ve never been to

23.  Ride the Pittsburgh to DC bike trail

24.  Go camping at least 10 times

1 night at Keren’s, 2 nights at Bald Eagle

Self development:

13.  Record enough tracks for a CD of my original music

14.  Give away 100 copies of original music CD

15.  Be an opening or featured performer for a crowd of people

18.  Fix something on my own, that would normally require a professional.

UPDATE-I fixed my RRoD Xbox 360, but it died again 3 weeks later…

UPDATE – Fixed Deirdre’s iphone! (story)

26.  Complete a daily devotional program for at least 1 month

27.  Publish a poem at least once a month on the blog

28.  Make something creative out of LEGO and either sell it or give it away as a gift


16.  Rip digital versions of all my CDs

17.  Have title, artist, track number, album, and album art for every song in my library

I’m going to mark this one done.  I don’t need track numbers, and can’t get album art for songs that were unreleased.

20.  Give something of mine to someone, simply because they want it

22.  Make a meal (without Kallie’s assistance) for at least 4 people.

UPDATE-I made spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and hot sausage sauce for Jake, Kallie, and Christine on 3/31/11

30.  Read all the books I own but never read (excluding Kallie’s books).

Additional/Backup/Replacements/Extra Credit/After Thoughts:

  1. Write and record 3 new songs

Be With Me Now

  1. Paint ceiling / finish quarter round / fix office ceiling / paint-decorate basement bathroom and guestroom
  2. Remove front yard stump
  3. Call at least 10 different people just to catch up and talk – CO,AK,KJ,KJ,TM,SP,KG,JR,BM,JF