Words With Josh

This tool will help you with hangman, wheel of fortune, or scrabble. To find words from your tiles, just enter them and hit the Go button. If you want to limit the results to words with a specific letter in a specific position, you can do that, even if you don't have that tile in your possession. This will help those 'tough fit' words or adding on already played tiles. Let me know if you use and enjoy the site and I may add more functionality to it if requested!

What tiles do you have? (leave blank to get all possible words)
How many blank tiles do you have? 0   1   2
Specify letters for a specific position:

There are 33,265 words in the database.

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  • Cletmm

    This is SO confusing.  How, for instance, would I find L – – –   – – –   – – – – W?  Three different words?  Not possible?

    • sixf00t4

      As of right now, you’d have to do 1 word at a time.  The problem with wheel of fortune is that phrases are never any set number of words.  One phrase could be 3 words but the next could be 7 words.  If there was some logic or database of phrases, I would write it so you could just pick the number of words in the words in the phrase and how long they each were, but there isn’t.  If I wrote it that way now, it would give you ever possible 4 letter word, ever possible 3 letter word, and every possible 5 letter word.  If there was a better way to narrow down that logic, I’d happily write it.