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i smell new years

30 December, 2003 (23:40) | Personal Update

well, the blood test results are in. I have AIDS. I am having a tough time narrowing it down to who i got it from though. nah, all is good with this blood, you had any doubts?

So Jordan slaughtered my highscore in space invaders again. that is going to take me a while to beat. he apparently has some sort of strategy about it though. but i will have my victory soon enough. i still have all the high scores in all the other games:)

4 registered users today! welcome keren, silenkiller (please, introduce yourself!) Jordan, and mr. andy vargo. i change the layout a bit of the website to fix another bug i found. I also added a cool script so when you enter my site from google, yahoo, techimo, hotmail, and a few others, it gives you a personal message. to see an example, click the first link here

any other questions and problems let me know. I am going to work on a few forum features this week like custom titles. we will see how that goes though, i have that leadership retreat this weekend. i am so pumped! hasta luego!


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