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In Soviet Russia, Vodka drinks you!

29 September, 2011 (12:00) | Geeked Out

This one will be a story, within a story…where’s Christopher Nolan when you need him? I wanted to make some martini one night, and I didn’t have any vodka.  Deirdre and Jordan were out and planning on coming over later, so I asked them to swing by the state store to pick up some vodka […]

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The jitney

7 May, 2010 (10:41) | Pittsburgh

When I bought my house in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, my roommate, Jordan, and I noticed that there were always people huddled around this building at the corner of Wylie Ave and Erin Street.  We were unsettled, but also a little curious as to what was really going on there.  Jordan asked my neighbor, […]

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Jump right in

31 March, 2010 (00:00) | Ramblings

So, I’m trying to transition over to itunes (version 9) after being a hardcore winamp user since the late 90s.  Winamp’s keyboard shortcuts are the cat’s pajamas though, and I’m missing them tremendously.  Specifically, the shortcut to jump to a song.  Hit "J" and just start typing in a title or band and it dynamically […]

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I won’t be home for Christmas

19 December, 2008 (15:29) | Personal Update

Note to self – Call off work the month of December.  You will not be able to get anyone to do any work, even if they are in the office, so just avoid the frustration completely.  That’s basically how I feel right now.  I had my first project fail last Saturday, and now I have to […]

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the latest gadget or guessing the next bandwagon

21 November, 2008 (10:24) | Thoughts & Ideas

Tim, Jordan, and I were down at Rock Bottom wednesday night and we were talking about facebook applications and their new found popularity and demand.  Facebook itself has transmogrified itself from the first incarnation as a Harvard thing, then a college thing, then branched out to include high school students, and now it’s just for […]

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Because I’m broken.

20 November, 2008 (14:13) | Ramblings

Broken seems to be the theme of the week. Monday – surfing around on my PC and then it just shutsdown.  POOF.  I have yet to get it back on.  I checked the power supply, memory, motherboard, nothing.  Tim let me borrow a PC to frankenstein to figure it out.  That sucks though. Tuesday – Went […]

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