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Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

28 October, 2010 (11:19) | Reviews

So, I called this Girl and the Goat place after looking online and seeing they were booked for 2 weeks out.  They did have a cancellation at 11:30pm if I wanted that.  I had just read an interesting article about getting into elite restaurants, and was excited to try my hand at some of the […]

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I won’t be home for Christmas

19 December, 2008 (15:29) | Personal Update

Note to self – Call off work the month of December.  You will not be able to get anyone to do any work, even if they are in the office, so just avoid the frustration completely.  That’s basically how I feel right now.  I had my first project fail last Saturday, and now I have to […]

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bye, daddy.

13 December, 2007 (15:12) | Memories

Three years ago today, around 2pm, I watched the color from my dad’s face dissappear.  it was a Monday.  I held his left hand in my left hand.  I almost got sick at how he changed colors so fast and drastically.  J’aime, Serah, and Robbie were in the room too, but I’m not sure which ones […]

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losing touch

18 April, 2007 (11:39) | Dreams

there’s major construction on the road i take home from work.  When i’m really tired, and i can tell it’s going to be at least 90 minutes to get home based on where traffic is backed up, I’ll pull into walmart parking lot and sleep.  This is what I did today.  Sometimes I sleep laying […]

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17 January, 2006 (15:05) | Thoughts & Ideas

as modern medicine improves, along the lines of tissue regrowth, prosthetics, and nerve reconnecting, I think we’ll have some gruesome tv shows. Right now, we have fear factor, they do gross things for sure. I think the only thing that prevents people from going further though, is the chance of permanent damage to their bodies. […]

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rediscovering my body

14 November, 2005 (15:05) | Ramblings

I just caught myself staring into my belly button. You know how lava lamps look when one blob splits into 2, like the center starts getting all stretched out and then *snap* it’s two different blobs? well, that’s what i’m picturing when a mother gives birth. That’s what your belly button is. It’s where you […]

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