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Hall’s Rule of Social Order #182

9 January, 2012 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Cherish people, not stuff. Inspired from my brother-in-law, Robbie.  Things are just things.  Too often people attach memories to the objects rather than the people associated with the item.  An argument could be made that it’s too easy to forget about that person or act if you got rid of the item, but the real […]

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bye, daddy.

13 December, 2007 (15:12) | Memories

Three years ago today, around 2pm, I watched the color from my dad’s face dissappear.  it was a Monday.  I held his left hand in my left hand.  I almost got sick at how he changed colors so fast and drastically.  J’aime, Serah, and Robbie were in the room too, but I’m not sure which ones […]

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eerie estate

12 August, 2007 (04:48) | Dreams

It’s present time, and me and my sisters are over at the estate doing random work inside the barn.  Keren’s boyfriend, Robbie, is there as well.  He and I are loading some bags of garbage into the back of the my truck.  Keren and my mom are around too, and we’re talking about me forgetting […]

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