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Phrustrated in Philly – A good mechanic is worth their weight in gold.

17 September, 2008 (15:48) | Ramblings

So, here’s the story of what I’ve been going through with my truck.  I don’t consider this a closed issue until it’s back in my possession safe and sound. Friday night my truck was making a weird whistling noise as I headed out to Philly to spend the weekend with Kallie and bring back her […]

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a lack of color

2 September, 2008 (14:36) | Personal Update

you know, I should really make an effort to make personal updates what I have something to say instead of these dull posts that just fade into archives and the history of me never to be read again, as if they were a polaroid photo where everyone has red eye… anyway.  Drove out to delaware […]

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Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.

12 July, 2008 (22:57) | Personal Update

Really, I have to give it up to my body for the past month or so.  It’s been through a lot, especially in the past week!  I have poison all over my legs, probably have some sort of sinus infection following a cold a week ago, and I’ve added a weight routine inbetween days of […]

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Bladder problems at the boy scouts

3 July, 2008 (14:06) | Memories

Yay, I’m secure enough in my adulthood to tell this little gem.  Maybe a testament to my social awkwards, maybe a propellant of my social awkwardness…who’s to say, either way, what a childhood.  So I was in scouts as a kid, and really had a great time all along.  If I remember correctly, I skipped […]

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10 women that touched me with their lives in my life the most.

11 February, 2008 (00:05) | Top 10

Through my childhood, throw my teenage years, through my adulthood, and hopefully continuing through my life, I’ve had the privilege of having some amazing women play a part in my life.  I won’t rank them, because they all are very important to me, each for their own reason. Mrs. Sofran – My kindergarten teacher.  She […]

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You should try to remember the good times and the high life

30 January, 2008 (13:01) | Memories

After my parents split, I got to have a day with my dad by myself.  Thursday nights.  I normally had a boy scout meeting then we’d go home and watch the simpsons.  Sometimes, we’d take a drive out past Malden crossroads and up a hill to the left past a church to a dead end […]

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