You should try to remember the good times and the high life

30 January, 2008 (13:01) | Memories

After my parents split, I got to have a day with my dad by myself.  Thursday nights.  I normally had a boy scout meeting then we’d go home and watch the simpsons.  Sometimes, we’d take a drive out past Malden crossroads and up a hill to the left past a church to a dead end road and watch route 43 being built.  We actually watched roads being built a lot together.  I remember taking Serah and Nathan to watch them build an on ramp from 43 to interstate 70.  I dunno if the smell of freshly poured concrete is my second favorite smell (behind the aroma of a tobacco pipe) because of the nostalgic quality or if it really is just something I like.  I always liked watching the bobcat dig out the basement of my dad’s house and the smell of the concrete mix the guys used to build the walls and floor.  But back to those Thursday nights…those were sacred.  I can’t think of any bad times on those nights.  I got to hang out with my dad and do something we both enjoyed.  He tried, I know he did.  Sometimes, we’d even go and play raquetball at the YMCA while serah and J’aime would run or play basketball.  I think that if our relationship would have kept going, we would have had some good father-son talks watching roads being built.  We never left that dead end road though.  How metaphoric…