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2 September, 2008 (14:36) | Personal Update

you know, I should really make an effort to make personal updates what I have something to say instead of these dull posts that just fade into archives and the history of me never to be read again, as if they were a polaroid photo where everyone has red eye…

anyway.  Drove out to delaware this past saturday with mumsy to check out serah’s new house.  It’s actually pretty cute.  I like it.  small 1 floor house, but the basement is huge and unfinished, so they can easily double their living space and equity.  good stuff.  Kallie met us there then we headed down to DC together to hang out with friends.  Then up to Philly for some more friends and socializing.  basically the weekend was a lot of driving and a lot of people.

So…Kallie’s moving to pittsburgh…not entirely sure when, but it’s going to be great.  Gotta help her find a place, since we both think it’s probably not wise for her to move in.  Well…she needs to a find a job too…that would be helpful.  Thinks are in the works though.  Things go well on that front though.  I’m excited.

Training continues for the urbanathlon on sept 27th in new york.  I’m actually going to NY next week for work on the 9th, 10th, and 11th (great day to fly out of NY, right?)  and I plan to do a trail run of the course.  I’ll see if i can get into WTC 7, since it’s right across the office.  I hope they at least let me look at the stairwell to see what I’m up against.  crazy stuff.


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  • Kallie

    wow, you just sound tired in this post…

  • Kallie

    wow, you just sound tired in this post…