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Kallie in Cali – A lonely husband’s log – Day 5

24 December, 2011 (21:05) | Personal Update

today was an emotionally draining day.  all is well though.  slept at my mom’s last night, woke up to return to the city around 10.  Brought a dolly back from my mom’s to help me wheel in the deep freezer i bought off craigslist yesterday.  I always told kallie that we can justify more freezer […]

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Locked inside a heart-shaped box.

25 March, 2008 (12:12) | Ramblings

I was reading a blog entry at Thatnight.net and as she listed things she doesn’t blog about, I started to think about all the things that I don’t blog about.  You won’t see a lot of temporary emotion here.  You might see the songs and poems that they inspire, but you won’t see it in a […]

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bye, daddy.

13 December, 2007 (15:12) | Memories

Three years ago today, around 2pm, I watched the color from my dad’s face dissappear.  it was a Monday.  I held his left hand in my left hand.  I almost got sick at how he changed colors so fast and drastically.  J’aime, Serah, and Robbie were in the room too, but I’m not sure which ones […]

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10 most unattractive things a girl can do.

19 February, 2007 (03:55) | Top 10

May catch some heat for this one, but, here goes… Smoke. Swear or use vulgar language be indecisive about what she wants for herself be indecisive about what she wants from you Have guys as her prime source of friendship get drunk (assuming you’re completely sober) attract attention in public for being loud, rude, drunk […]

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