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10 most unattractive things a girl can do.

19 February, 2007 (03:55) | Top 10

May catch some heat for this one, but, here goes…

  1. Smoke.
  2. Swear or use vulgar language
  3. be indecisive about what she wants for herself
  4. be indecisive about what she wants from you
  5. Have guys as her prime source of friendship
  6. get drunk (assuming you’re completely sober)
  7. attract attention in public for being loud, rude, drunk (see above), or any other type of embarrassing behavior.
  8. Show complete disinterest in remembering any conversation, event, emotion, or anything of importance
  9. Not respond to any of the following: emotions, questions, emails, phone calls, requests, and/or anything else where a response is traditionally expected.
  10. wear sweat pants in public

Note: The views expressed above are the sole opinion of the author. Generalizations have been made and exceptions to these cases are known to exist. Double standards are present and the author is aware. The author maintains that this list was not induced by the actions of any one persons, but by the female population in general. If you feel offended by this, I still love you.


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