Because I’m broken.

20 November, 2008 (14:13) | Ramblings

Broken seems to be the theme of the week.

Monday – surfing around on my PC and then it just shutsdown.  POOF.  I have yet to get it back on.  I checked the power supply, memory, motherboard, nothing.  Tim let me borrow a PC to frankenstein to figure it out.  That sucks though.

Tuesday – Went to go pick up Jordan at work and then watch the Pens game at his house, and I get into my truck and there is no key tumbler in the steering wheel and the face plate to my stereo is gone.  That sucks.  Looks like they’re going to have to replace the entire steering column.  WEEE.

Wednesday – can’t think of anything physical that broke wednesday.  I just know that I’m broke.  That’s before the PC and truck repairs too.  I’m making a strong effort to not eat out for lunch and less for dinner as well. 

Thursday – Had the conversion from microsoft exchange to lotus notes today at work.  I didn’t have email access or blackberry mail until about 12:30.  WEAK.

Let’s see what friday has in store…I can’t take much more and neither can my wallet!


  • Pauli

    I have Lotus Notes at work, does it connect overseas ;)?