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insomniatic narcolepsy or narcoleptic insomnia

15 December, 2003 (18:09) | Personal Update

I just took a sleep test online, here are the results.

Your Sleep Test Results
You show symptoms of insomnia, which is defined 
as a persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

You show symptoms of narcolepsy, a life-long 
disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep 
attacks during normal waking hours.

What the crap. I am just a freak of nature and a marvel of modern science.[shrug]

I am going to try and write some more over break. I haven’t written anything in a while. And since my guitar is broke, all the more reason, i need some sort of outlet for my creative juices. I have some old stuff i never finished, and would like to get some new stuff out there. be sure to check the download section every once in a while. More than likely though, i will be starving for web content (and attention) and will post some sort of announcement. 🙂

So i am working pretty much every weekday over break. from 4-midnight. Did i say that already sometime? i dunno. Anyway, i could use the extra money with retreats for cornerstone, and saving up to go to Florida this summer. And for school, and for bills, and for Christmas, and for emergency funds, and for a new computer…you get the idea. on that note, i added a “donation” block for unregistered users:) just cuz i am lame like that. not like i expect anything, just saw it and wanted one. If you register and are logged in though, you won’t see it. Registering is enough for me:) I seem to be getting a lot of traffic from google, maybe even more than traffic from people i know. It’s kinda weird seeing all this hits from turkey and stuff like that.


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