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No Real Than You Are LEGO Man

28 October, 2011 (18:07) | LEGO© Creations

I’ve had Ego Leonard in the hopper to blog about for a while now, but it seems current news has beaten me to the punch!  Turns out, one of his extra large 8 foot tall LEGO sculptures has “washed up” on a Florida beach.  How appropriate, seeing as LEGO opened up another Legoland theme park […]

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LEGO Easter basket

29 March, 2011 (18:40) | LEGO© Creations

For Kallie’s spring break, we went to Christiana Mall while visiting the Pesces in Delaware, and to Disney’s citywalk in Orlando while visiting the Olivieris. Both locations conveniently have LEGO stores, where I stocked up a little 🙂 I got all these “skin tone” pieces, that I wasn’t sure what I was going to do […]

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2007 recap: Where do you want to go today?

25 December, 2007 (21:36) | Personal Update

As we reach the end of 2007, I’m going to cross that line into the cliche "here are the highlights of 2007 and here’s what I’d like to see in 2008" post.  Last year, I called it the year of "new things".  If I were to create a label for this year, I’d consider it […]

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Check in – at least 1 hour before departure

27 September, 2007 (13:31) | Personal Update

I’ve been busy, alright!!?  let’s break it down…. Work – the office 2003 project is rolling well.  I don’t think i’ve messed up yet, so i think people are impressed or at least liking my work so far.  I’m also helping out on an unrelated project just for this weekend, flying to philly to help […]

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been a month.

23 November, 2004 (08:02) | Personal Update

so, i have been slacking on this majorly.  pretty much on everything.  I got GTA San Andreas the day after it came out, so i had been playing that a lot.  over 40 hours logged in the game, and only 50% done.  the game is huge.  huge doesnt even begin to describe this game.  so […]

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insomniatic narcolepsy or narcoleptic insomnia

15 December, 2003 (18:09) | Personal Update

I just took a sleep test online, here are the results. Your Sleep Test Results You show symptoms of insomnia, which is defined as a persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. You show symptoms of narcolepsy, a life-long disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during normal waking hours. What the crap. I am […]

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