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Check in – at least 1 hour before departure

27 September, 2007 (13:31) | Personal Update

I’ve been busy, alright!!?  let’s break it down….

Work – the office 2003 project is rolling well.  I don’t think i’ve messed up yet, so i think people are impressed or at least liking my work so far.  I’m also helping out on an unrelated project just for this weekend, flying to philly to help out with support.  Should be awesome exposure and fun since they only expect a few hours of work from us.  There’s also talk of another project to move 5,000 people between all the different offices, so seems like i could be busy for a while, GOOD!

School – B’s so far in the first 2 classes of the semester.  I should be able to at least maintain that for the rest of the 3 weeks.  Then 2 more classes for the second half of the semester, and then FIN!  Bout effing time.  I’m tired of people assuming i’m going for my masters.

Music – Still playing open mics when i have some free time.  I’ve been trying to post new songs to the myspace page, but i just want to get 1 finished before i announce them.  3 new ones have been up for a week, and people are listening, so i’m totally feeling pressure to finish that 1 song!  put some new videos on youtube as well.  Jordan Otto is back in town, and we talk every so often, and I’d really like to get together with him and a few others and jam around.  we’ll see if that ever materializes.

Love – Rachel and I are talking pretty much everyday in one form or another, and i think it’s great.  We went to cedar point 2 weeks ago, but the new roller coaster, the maverick, was closed!  totally dissapointed.  Rachel is coming home this weekend, and i just found out about the flight to philly, and she is totally understanding.  She’s awesome when it comes to compassion.  Sometimes too much though, i’ve told her I wanted her to make really crazy expectations of me that I can’t meet, challenge me basically, and then get really mad at me if i can’t meet them.  she said that was a terrible thing to say…which may very well be true, but i’ve said worse.  🙂

Home – Deirdre’s moved in, Alex is moved in, and the dish washer is running constantly!  those two use a lot of dishes.  Also tore up the front yard this past weekend.  I’ll try to get some photos up here soon.

Play  – Wow, booked a flight to vegas from november 14th – 17th and florida from dec 18th-20th.  Originally, J’aime was going to vegas with dan for a dental conference and i was going to hang out with her, but now that she has the baby, she isn’t going, so it’s just me and dan, and just me when he’s in his conference.  Not sure about why i’m doing that, especially over my birthday, but whatever.  I’m getting too old to care.  25?!?!  WTF.  Florida will be using the time share that Mrs. Marsh (step-grandmother) let me use down in bonita springs.  Rachel and I are going to go down.  Those are the only big vacations planned, but i’d like to go DC at least once more this year, definitely go out to see rachel a couple times, and whever else the road takes me.


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