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animal adoption

6 January, 2004 (20:35) | Thoughts & Ideas

Becky had commented on how fast animals get adopted once they are on the news for stopping traffic, or getting stuck in a tree or whatever. It seems like everyone wants to either be the “good guy” and adopt that animal, even though they wouldn’t have adopted it on their own if it wasn’t on TV. Her idea was to stage events like once a month. Which is a good idea, but it might get out. Another idea i had was to create a television show about it. I think people just want the publicity, and in the era of reality TV we live in now, how about a show where we get to know one animal, then we get to know one family, and then they get put together. maybe like 3 animals a week. The family gets on TV, the animal gets a home, and the shelter is less one more animal. I think it could work.


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