Personal Update


19 January, 2004 (13:26) | Personal Update

it is friggin cold. 19 degrees Fahrenheit. too cold for me. yesterday when i went out to catch the bus, i almost ate it twice because the side walks were so icy. and the bus was coming down the hill with out the tires moving. it was scary. I remember last year i went out to catch the bus, and the fire hydrant right there had been knocked off and was just laying there. good times:)

Becky got 2 parking tickets last thursday for a total of 100+ dollars for parking where she has been for a year, so i am going to go to the court with her tomorrow for emotional support:) she said last time she had to go to the court, she cried. I told her, good, let’s try and do that again, it might help her out financially. 😉

I have this 1 arm hair that is like 4 inches long. I played with it pretty much all day yesterday at work. I don’t know how that happens, but i always get this one hair that grows so long, i think it is the same one over and over again. I don’t want to pull it out though, since i am balding. I dont want to make my body think i don’t appriciate its efforts.

gotta do some studying, gotta do some grocery shopping, which sucks with out a car 🙁 i have to ride the bus with groceries, how embarrassing. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Maybe i will just order in today. Too cold out side. brrrrrr


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