Personal Update

Pens. no, not the kind you write with.

20 January, 2004 (16:53) | Personal Update

Jeff emailed me this morning and said he had 2 tickets for tonight’s pens game! woo hoo! i have been meaning to go down there, since it is only a few blocks away.

becky got off 1 ticket because they put the wrong make of car on the ticket, and the second reduced to $24. better than having to pay the $110. While i was waiting for her, i started to get back into reading my Interpretation of Dreams by Freud again. only 500 more pages to go. :-p In exchange for going to the courts with her, and waking up early, i got to go grocery shopping with her car 😎

I have some serious studying and reading to do. I have a lot of reading to do this semester. gotta strap down and read. which is hard to do when you have ADD. and i swear i do. I can’t pay attention to ANYTHING, professors, conversations on aim, tv, phone, reading, anything, for more than 10 minutes. it is very frustrating. guess it could be worse though. I could have looked like this guy. GO PENS


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