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since when do i live in Canada?

24 January, 2004 (00:10) | Personal Update

ok, so last time i complained about it being cold, i lied. NOW it is cold. A frigid 6 degrees today. and i was outside for about 2 hours total. had to wait for Paul from NSS Life to pick me up at the T, and wouldn’t you know he took his good ol time too:) Messed around with their exchange server, everything should be set for them to implement a spam filter. Then i got dropped back off at the T and waited 15 minutes for the T to come. good thing is i caught a bus up Centre Avenue rather than having to climb it. But my bus @ 3:40 to take me into Oakland never showed, so i was late for work on top of being out side for half an hour. brrr.

So Saturday i gotta clean my room, then Jordan from Cornerstone is coming over to help me out with the website and then i am going to see a movie on campus with Chad and Scott. So big day tomorrow, hopefully i can get everything done tomorrow, so i can study at work Sunday, I so need to study. ugh, too much reading. Darn russian fairy tales.

Monday nights the church is going to have these “jam sessions”, i am so pumped. havent played in a long time, but it should be a good experience. i plan on making that a weekly activity. There is also a philosophical discussion on the problem of free will this thursday from 6-9 at the church, we will see if i can manage to go to that. not too much else, i am going to put up some more video clips in the download section, so be on the look up. KEEP WARM!


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