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Friday the 13th…DUN DUN DUN!!!!

13 February, 2004 (22:18) | Personal Update

pfff. friday the 13th. Sometimes i just wonder why people are the way they are. so it is friday the 13th, and because there was a movie about that date i am supposed to go around reminding people what today’s date is??? I just don’t get it. but i never really got why 2-liter pop bottles are shaped that way either. [shrug]

so i just got back from the poetry reading. I made a shameless plug (i am the king of shameless plugs) for my site 🙂 I read “A Will”, “Return”, “Tears of Heaven”, and “A Son’s Shadow of a Father”. For that one, I had a friend come up and read through the red lettering, as i also read through the black lettering. Totally created the effect I was looking to achieve. I saw some people jerk their heads back and open their eyes wider when we both started reading the 2nd stanza together. Good times, good times. i was so pumped to do the readings tonight, that i wrote 2 new poems, “Silly Me” and “Thanks”. I also thought about puting up some of the others i have written in the past, but i read through them again, and there is no way i can put those up:) I also noticed that a lot of the poems i have up have gramatical errors, how embarrassing. I need to fix that, and maybe even add a little copyright on the bottom of each one. eh, i don’t feel like it 🙂 While i am talking about writing though, my russian fairy tales class has an extra credit assignment to write a tale in russian fairy tale style. I am all about that. I want to get more of a grip of the style though, because i realize that is what they are going to be looking for.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. [cringe] I hate commercial holidays. I hate being expected to be romantic. I think 99.9% of being romantic is being sporatic and surprising. Valentines completely ruins that. But i am going to go play basketball with some of the guys from cornerstone, and hopefully that will turn into a weekly adventure/opportunity for physical activity. Then working on the cornerstone database. We’ll see what the rest of the night has to offer.


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