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19 February, 2004 (01:52) | Personal Update

haven’t updated in a while. so here goes. Cornerstone is going great. we are doing this 40 days of purpose thing. we read a book for 40 days and meet in small groups about it. looks like it should be very rewarding. next wednesday we are going to see The Passion, i guess we rented out a whole theatre. I am looking forward to it.

i am helping out on a webpage for a local band, Soulpatch. They all go to Cornerstone, and have been together for over a year playing around all over locally.

getting lots of action in green dragon and quantum star. fun fun!

serah called me today. she left me a message on the apartment answering machine, “just calling to talk…and…I am having computer problems” I didn’t even recognize her voice. I tried calling her back, but no answer. :- I have been leaving her AIM messages, and she never returns them. I guess she is just a busy girl, or just really doesn’t care for me. :-

hmmm, what else…Kathy and I are on good terms now. I had told her i hated her, and she flipped out, who’da thunk? So i am glad to be talking to her again, even though…i don’t ever really talk to her. But it is nice to know i can. 🙂

jubillee is coming up. that should be interesting. I also am planning to go to creation this summer with my sisters. hopefully we can all work that out. let me know if you want to go! we get discounts for more people. hmmm, not really too much else. I am eating fine, put my tuition on my mom’s credit card since i could pay it all upfront. she gets like $18 cash back on it too:-D. it’s 3 am, i have class at 9. i gotta get to bed. [crash]


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