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6 February, 2004 (15:18) | Personal Update

Today Becky and I went to Dr. Vargo’s memorial service. He was a professor at Cal U, and the father of a dear friend, Andy. Andy is a strong man, I have a lot of respect for him. Keren went to the service too, I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk to her, but our paths didn’t cross :-

Made out pretty well at Gabe’s last night:) $56 for a nice Kenneth Cole jacket which came with a portable FM radio, a skater T with “whippersnappers” written on it, 2 pairs of jeans, and I got the pants no one will forget……..more on that to come 😉

I saw The Butterfly Effect last night too. Fabulous. Wow, great movie. Loved it. Total Donnie Darko status.

Went out with the crew from Cornerstone again wednesday, Mike, the…umm….supervisor? adult figure? hmm, no….well, the old guy:) went along too. Good conversations there. I look forward to more.

Tomorrow, I THINK we are going to try to get a Roselius/Hall reunion going on down at WVU where J’aime, Dan, Lucas, and Nicholas live. Hopefully that will go through. I miss them all. Especially my sisters. Man do I love and miss my sisters….Yes, even Serah. 😉

I wrote a new song, and I am going to try to get my youth group to play it. I want to redo it before i release it here though. and i also recorded some more little demo stuff, but didnt put those up yet either. be on the look out.

Gotta fasten my arse down and do some friggin studying. So much to do this week. Paper and presentation for Mass Comm Monday, Exam monday in Intro to logic, Exam Tuesday morning in Orth. Christ. and i really need to put a lot of work into all of those. Wish me luck, keep Andy’s and his family in your prayers, and keep your stick on the ice.


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