Personal Update

i got nothing

13 March, 2004 (14:50) | Personal Update

my mind is blank. all i did the past few days was work. I saw twisted thursday, that wasnt too bad. I have been puting A LOT of work into legend of the green dragon. got about 60 people playing now. I am working with a few other developers on a castle, that should be really cool when it is done. LotGD has become one of my favorite hobbies now. The code writing is very easy, and you are just limited by your imagination.

not too much going on this weekend. havent decided what i am going to do yet. for some reason the power went out last night. I hate when my computer has to go through the disk check when you restart after a crash.

maybe i should clean my room. maybe go out with bob. maybe come home and hang out. i dunno. it’s too much trouble going home. i have to wake up at 6 am to come back with Chris if i go home. that sucks. especially because i have to go right to class from the T when i do that, i dont get to stop at the apartment at all, so i have to take all my bags and crap to class. oh well. andy kicked my arse in snake, maybe i will try to get my score back. I have pretty much given up on tetris Adrienne is the tetris Queen. and i bow down before her.

speaking of the queen, she always ends her updates with a quote or something worth while, so i am going to try and do that too:) so for today, i leave you with….[drum roll]…the etch-a-sketch guy.