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spring break-my foot off in your @$$!

10 March, 2004 (21:51) | Personal Update

what a crazy week. and it isnt even over yet. working from 4- midnight does a number on you. Monday i woke up at 9 and went down to Wheeling to get my teeth inspected by “Dr. Dan.” No cavatities here. i havent seen a dentist in like 6 or 7 years. i was surprised. then Dan’s boss took us both out to lunch with his wife, really nice people, and Dan seems to be very happy there. I would be too. so when i got done there, it was time for work.

then tuesday i woke up, did some cleaning, then back to work. And ofcourse, when you get off work, you can’t just go to bed, you have to stay up to 3 am. especially when bob calls you from D.C. at 2 am and tells you he is bored.

So i woke up at 7 today, did some work on NSSLife’s email server, met up with Adam for some basketball in Oakland, then some grocery shopping:) i am always making the best out of situation 😉 then back here for work!!! still 2 more days of 4-12 too.

one thing i have been doing at work is working on the dragon game. i got like 50+ people playing, and i am just writing and adding mods for the game like crazy. getting a lot of positive feedback for it! definitely my new hobby.

been feeling pretty good too. the doc has me on something called lexapro. good stuff:) and i leave you tonight with some nostalgia.


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