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seeing the words you were blind to.

8 March, 2004 (20:44) | Thoughts & Ideas

have you ever learned a new word, and then heard it all over the place?? It is just such a weird thing. It makes you think, have i been hearing this word the whole time, and just never paid any attention to it??? can it really be coincidence?

for those of you who have never noticed this, i will share my most recent experience. So i am helping out with the website for a band called SoulPatch. When i first heard their name, i was thinking like a patch sewn onto someone’s soul. I was sitting around with the band, and one of them jokingly said that they should all grow soulpatches, and that the female lead singer should have to wear a fake one too. judging by their hand gestures, i gathered that a “soulpatch” is that little patch of facial hair under a guy’s lip. and if that is all the facial hair he has (not a gotee) it is a soul patch. so i learned something new. then, an hour later, i went out to get some food with a friend. It was Ash wednesday, and we were talking about seeing people with ashes on their foreheads. I said that i had met with an older guy who is nearly bald that i hadn’t seen in a year, and from a distance it looked like he had grown a new spot of hair on his forehead. not a second later, the cashier said, “ha, kind of like a soul patch on his forehead.” what the crap.