15 March, 2004 (18:55) | Ramblings

so i thought i would give eharmony.com a try…
At this time, we are not able to identify a match for you.

We require that any match we provide be highly compatible with your values, beliefs and attitudes. This standard means that thousands of eHarmony users are often not matched right away.

You came to eHarmony looking for a lot more than a dating service. You came looking for a healthy and successful romantic relationship, one that has a good chance at longevity. While there may be hundreds of eHarmony singles who might make an interesting dinner date, we are holding out only for those members that truly want what you want, have what you’re looking for and are compatible with you on the very deepest and most significant personal levels.

We are optimistic that we’ll find the right matches for you and hope you will remain optimistic too. We don’t intend to lower our standards and you shouldn’t either. We ask for your patience during this process and assure you that the right match will be worth the wait.
I emailed M doughty though. asked him to come to pittsburgh.


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