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15 March, 2004 (22:41) | Life Long Goals

It has long been one of my goals to create a word, and have it used publicly.  i want to say, “i thought of that word.”  maybe see it in the dictionary, or see it used on tv or in a movie.  just to know that something went from my brain, to someone else’s ears, to their brain, to someone else’s ear, and so on and so forth, and the chain grows and grows.  there have been a few ideas for definitions and words.  i wanted to use biligualisms as meaning when you use two different languages in one sentence.  like “hola, how are you today?”  there are some others, i will add them here as i think of them


Winter and i were talking, and i said “moce” and i thought that it looked like a word.  and that it kinda looked like it would be italian.  but we couldnt think of a definition for it.  so i decided to moce (moe say) will be defined as a word without a definition. 


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