Personal Update


18 March, 2004 (00:37) | Personal Update

so much to say, and not a single word i can utter.  So much on my mind and not a single sound on my tongue.

people drive me crazy.  why do i have to be a bad guy for being a nice guy????

went to cornerstone.  totally wasnt feeling up to it.  Jordon otto asked me to go to the soulpatch show afterward.  so i did.  got back at 1 am.  i had a good time, even though i didnt really talk to anyone, or do anything.  it was good to get out. 

watching soulpatch play made me really want to just get my music together.  just record it and finalize it.  I want to do that.

i feel like crap.  forcing myself to eat.  sleeping tons.  no drive.  no motivation.  no energy.  just crap.  one thing that brought a smile to my face this week though, was nintendo nostalgia.


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