Personal Update


21 March, 2004 (11:47) | Personal Update

I got inspired to write the past few days, and have a few ideas for novels.  I am going to work on them.  I know i have said that before, but i am going to have some spare time, and it is something i want to do. 

I also started working on my material for stand up 🙂  I am going to get a good set going and then go down to open mic night at the funny bone.  just because i want to do it.

haven’t really had a taste to do much of anything this week.  rooms a wreck, need to go grocery shopping, apartment needs cleaned, all the usual crap.  Hopefully i will get some energy this week.

Looks like Adam will be going to Cal in the fall :-  and Emily might room with me, she has another place that is cheaper, but if that doesnt work out, or it is too bad to bare, she said she will.  still got to find another person though.  Any takers?


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