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did you know the bee-gee song “staying alive” was first “saturday night”?

4 April, 2004 (01:03) | Personal Update

So i had a pretty big day today.  basketball til noon, ate lunch with 2 friends, watched some 3 on 3 tournament action, saw the soulpatch show, saw phantom planet play on bigelow, i tried calling you adrienne.  thought you might enjoy that, i just wanted to let you know that.  so then out to eat with more friends, then see some acapella groups sing, then “guys night” at a cornerstoner’s house til midnight.  good day.  gotta work in the morning though.  bleh. 

looks like me, bob, and maybe fuji are going to go see andy in delaware the weekend of the 24th.  that should be wild. 

still looking for another roomate for emily and myself. 

serah still doesnt answer my AIM messages.

today, the government gets to steal an hour of sleep from me.  they should be so proud.  they get my money this week from taxes, and now they are getting my time.  bitter?  me??  no way.

Deirdre has a volleyball tourney down in baltimore this coming weekend, and it looks like everyone is going to try to meet down there or something, Kathy is going to Philly, (Philthy) so i have nothing to do down there, and i have to work anyway, so i am just going to chill up here.  maybe play some guitar, seeing how much i need to practice after tuesday.  Well, nothing really else noteworthy, didnt really do anything else but hang out on campus today.  so, i will leave you with everything you want to know about breakfast cereals.


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  • tmx468

    Someone has spent waaay too much time on that site… but cool all the same! 🙂

  • tmx468

    Someone has spent waaay too much time on that site… but cool all the same! 🙂