Personal Update

another lonely day

4 May, 2004 (00:07) | Personal Update

well, saturday didnt work out as i had hoped.  I had asked someone to go, and they ended up not getting my email until today. :-  and saturday night, i asked someone else to go, and he said he would drive, so 8 rolls around, and he was supposed to pick me up then, and he calls and says he cant go.  by then, it was too late for me to catch a bus, so no matchbook romance for me.  oh well, i guess it was just not meant to be.  Hopefully the band will stick together and come back around.  This thursday is jimmies chicken shack though. Nothing is getting in my way.  Nothing.

turns out what i thought was 55 cents per impression for ads, was really 55 cents per thousand impressions.  quite the difference.  since it wasnt even worth it, i took it down.  i was all exited there for a second.

i have been thinking about puting the videos section back up and hosting them else where so i dont kill my bandwidth.  i will probably do that sometime this week.

going to Penn state this weekend with my sisters to see serah and help her….welll i dont know why we are going up really.  they just asked me to go.  always good times with the sisters though.

for all of you that voted for keren, she is lucky to have friends like you.  friends that are willing to lie just to make her feel good.  and kudos to all those who dared to be different and vote for the stick.  i didnt see that one coming at all. 🙂

so i guess i have to leave you will some interesting tidbit of knowledge, or something funny, or just something partially entertaining.  well, here it is.  you can either learn how to make a stun gun from a disposable camera, or you could use your disposable camera for good and turn it into a digital camera.  the choice is yours.