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10 May, 2004 (16:05) | Personal Update

What a weekend!  loaded full of activity.  I even ended up taking a nap!  i hate naps!

The day started with J’aime and Dan picking me up and we went to see Van Helsing.  Not terrible.  It was over 2 hours long, I think they should have split it into 2 movies.  Overall, it wasn’t too bad.  I would give it 6.4 out of 10.  I got to see J’aime and Dan’s house friday.  What a wonderful house!  hardwood floors, nice yard, great condition, i took pictures and a video of it to show my grandma, but J’aime and Dan don’t like the idea of those being on the internet.  So no soup for you!  J’aime and I went to visit grandma hall then, hung out there for a bit, and then went home.  Pretty much as soon as i got home, i went over to adam’s, it was about 10.  He had about 10 people over just hanging out, playing pool and socializing.  Good time.  I ended up staying to around 2, then drove home and crashed.   In bed, not the car.

Saturday we ended up leaving around noon, instead of the 9 am targetted departure time.  Who saw that one coming?  so we got out to PSU after 3, got some pictures on the nittany lion, ate at the green bowl, and then some dessert at the creperie.  The green bowl (suprisingly, they don’t even use green bowls) is a chinese joint where you pick all your veggies, as much as you want, throw them in a bowl, put your choice of sauce on it, and then chose your meat, and give it to them to cook.  It’s all you can eat too.  not a bad place at all.  i think it was even cheap.  (continued)

So then we went to the creperie place.  I got “the best of both worlds.”  I said it just like that too, something tells me the waitress was not amused.  IT was like a thin rubbery pancake thing, with nutella and caramel wrapped inside of it.  Very interesting, but very tasty.  I had planned on spending the night there, but around 9 we took our leave. 

Sunday we got up for church, had a little lunch, Keren and I washed the car for my mom, everyone else did some yard work and cleaning for her.  I convinced Kathy to drive me back up to the city too.  She doesn’t have anything better to do, Kim doesnt come home til later this week:)  

When Kathy left, i went outside with her, and as she pulled away, a black guy asked me if i got that NBA contract yet.  He was the guy that had asked me if i played for pitt about 3 months prior (supposedly, i don’t remember him, but he said he grew a beard and changed his hair since then [shrug])  Anyway, He said that he was the guy that the cops had accused of being the home invasion guy.  Apparently, he was shot off a roof when they came to get him.  He showed me the scar on his left shoulder, then lifted up his shirt so i could see the 2 long scars on his stomach, and then up by his right arm pit, the bullet was still in there.  He asked me to touch it, and i did.  So there i am, talking with a guy who had been shot off a roof by the police, and having a conversation (initiated by him) about what programs to recommend to people who ask me for change.  Apparently, the hill house right up the street, is not a good place because they charge $28 a week.  And the church down the other way only offers prayer, and no shelter or food or anything.  He did seem like a nice fellow, and we probably talked for about 5 minutes.  i gave him some money, which i normally don’t do, and he said thanks, and went off to sleep under the over pass.   Too much exitement for me. 

a lot going on this week too.  maybe some softball tomorrow, keren and deirdre’s may day on wednesday, frisbee on thursday, and hopefully some recording some where in there too.  so, i shall bid you farewell, and leave you with some 80’s classic commercials.


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