Personal Update


7 May, 2004 (01:36) | Personal Update

nothing like a walk home from station square at 1 am.  the T stopped coming at 12:30.  i am not complaining though, i not only enjoyed the walk home, i enjoyed the 2 hours of jimmies chicken shack.  amazing.  they play sooooo many songs, and talked so much, and…drank a lot too.  they were definitely gone by the end of the show, but they rocked just the same.  i plan to write a full review on the band in the reviews section later on.  i gotta get into the shower, i wreak of cigs and beer.

today turned out to be a pretty good day.  i walked down to pittsburgh guitars and played a lefty SG.  different from a strat, and only $150….i can’t.  I would love to, but i can’t.  also eyed up an acoustic pick up for $40, i need one of those.  i guess it will have to wait for brighter days.

so later on today, i am going to wake up, catch a T to south hills, meet J’aime, and go home.  Adam is having a shindig at his casa, i might make a guest appearance.   Then, it is off to Penn State to Silly Serah’s abode, to do whatever there.  if i get back intime sunday, I’ll probably get a ride back to the burgh with da jenks and show kathy around campus for her classes monday.  It would appear her schedule is already messed up. 

while i was out have a blast, comcast was busy firing all the employees of TechTV.  what the crap is that about???  i don’t even get that channel here yet.  Idiots.

alright, i gotta get a shower and some sleep.  i will continue this on another date.  until then, pass the time with looking at how crazy ricers get over seas.  check out the vans and tail pipes!