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i want to hitchhike.

24 June, 2004 (22:58) | Personal Update

Got a call for a job down at PPG, i have to take some kind of a test. They say it is pretty hard, and a lot of people fail it. if you score too high or too low, you fail. It’s like an IQ test i think, where you have puzzles and stuff to figure out. we’ll see how that goes.

So adam gave me hitchhikers guide to the galaxy to read.  i have never read it, really looking for ward to it.  turns out, it is going to be a movie next year.

so i have 2 gmail accounts already, and i got an invitation for a 3rd.  I do not see what all the ruckus is about, so i gave it to my mom.  i really dont see what all the hype is about.  if it had pop3 support, or even imap, i’d be alright with it.  by that kinda defeats their intent.  But i guess that is what i get for being a geek, and having connections in the geek world.  I never even asked for one.  There are people out there begging for them, and i have 2 and gave one away. 🙂

going up to nate’s graduation party friday.  mom says i can have the van for weekend trips:)  so nathans this weekend, maybe DC the weekend after that, then out to see serah after that, we’ll see what else i can weasel out.

i got a ton of finger eleven stickers in the mail the other day.  i am on their street team, and they sent me well over 100 stickers.  so i gotta distribute them! i will probably pass them out to friends, and then throw the rest at people at rolling rock town fair.  heck, maybe they will see me and call me back stage…hey, a fan can dream right?  speaking of concerts, we didnt make it out to creation this year, but Deirdre alerted me to the webcast! woo hoo!

looks like the ducklings were saved after all.


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  • leuco

    Got a 404 file not found on the picture, but am very glad to know they were saved.

  • leuco

    Got a 404 file not found on the picture, but am very glad to know they were saved.