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7 November, 2006 (02:02) | Personal Update

So, first post in a long time. I have been thinking in the past week…who the EFF am I and what happened this year?!!?! 2006 was definitely a year for major changes. Let’s recap:

  • Started Drinking at new years
  • Darn near killed myself snowboarding in Colorado
  • Promotion at work to level 2 – 4pm to midnight
  • Bought a Truck! 2001 dodge Ram 1500. Pictures to wind up here eventually…
  • Dad’s estate stuff still not resolved! Incompetent lawyers!
  • Bought and moved into a house in July!
  • Realized a relationship with a girl I had always dreamed about…if only til the end of summer.
  • Had my financial details posted in the Post Gazette.
  • Started working as the midnight-8am supervisor at work, also have to drive 45 minutes to new building (SUCK!!!)
  • Serah Got Married on her birthday!
  • Helped Dallas move to Las Vegas! What a trip! 36 hour drive

I think those are the major points…still going to school, surprisingly i’ve kept up my workout routine ~fairly~ well all year. Slacked a few weeks here and there, and couldnt do anything after colorado for a while, but atleast I have been able to maintain it. Lots of other odds and ends, but wow, what an important year, and I have no blog to show for it! Travesty!


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