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12 February, 2007 (08:01) | Personal Update

well, got my cast off. I got this big ‘ol boot now though. It’s actually pretty nice though. It has a rounded bottom and lots of straps and it distributes weight load from my foot to my shin and lower leg. The doc said i should still stay off it and use crutches for another 2 weeks, but i vetoed that. What’s the permanent damage you speak of? I feel liberated! I probably will wear the boot for the rest of the month though. it’s still too swollen for shoes, and doesnt feel safe walking without added support.

UK trip for work is off. Found out that with my boss and his boss going, they were going to deplete the budget, so no trip for me. It’s cool though, i was prepared for it. I had made a mental decision that if i got to go, i’d be more dedicated to sticking around longer because they valued me. With another peer moving on to another department who has been in my position a month less than I have, which means he had to get manager’s approval, this after i was denied approval for a move back in november, i’m pretty sure i’ll be heading out sooner than later.

really behind on recording now. I don’t know when the next time i’ll be able to dedicate time to finish songs for this month. I have valentines this wednesday, have some plans for that in the works. I’ve never been one for valentines day, but that is usually because i’m expected to do something. With Rachel, it’s different. I know that she’d appreciate me if I did nothing at all, which makes me want to do so much more. heh. Hopefully the weather will hold out to make it an enjoyable night. I met her brother last week. Pretty cool dude. We had a lot in common. I don’t want to say he’s a geek, but he knows his IT, and that’s A-O-K with me.

Jordan’s moving out by the end of the month. Found a guy in chicago that seems nice enough who needs a place until april. So, it’s a band-aid, but it will buy me some time to find someone else, and also puts me in a better spot since people will be looking for summer housing.


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