Bedford Springs Hotel & Resort to re-open in June

9 March, 2007 (03:07) | News

about 10 years or more ago, my sisters and I were riding in the big red van with my dad driving. We were on some trip somewhere, and back on some windy roads in the middle of no where. We came across this place, and only 1 word can describe it. Amazing. It was this huge, beautiful, turn-of-the-20th century club house. I remember it having a green roof, 5 floors, with outside porch-walkways wrapping the entire building on all floors, and the building stretched for what seemed like a mile.

and it was closed.

a travesty. such an amazing accomplishment in architecture and luxury and it was closed. Why? I don’t think my dad knew anything about it. The place had been stuck in my mind ever since, and i often thought about it, and wondered how i’d find my way back to it, or at least find out how to find it. Looks like it found me. this article was in the post gazette today: I can’t wait. I want to go there now. here are some pics of the place i found through a google image search:

Here‘s the official site. This place looks so interesting. So much history. Presidents stayed there, often. I don’t know if you’re getting the impact this place had on me or not, but just seeing it that 1 time really instilled such wonder in me, i can’t describe it. Bedford Springs, I have found you. You can see how large it is with google maps. From my memory, it seemed like the entire length of property along 220 was the clubhouse. It was so huge.


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