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11 April, 2007 (04:30) | House Ideas

So, one of my life long goals is to build a house that i design.  I have a bunch of weird/unique ideas that i’d like to incoporate into the house, so i thought i’d post some of them here when i get them.  Welcome the house category.  One day, i’ll get some sketches down/scanned and show you what i’m thinking about.  A textual description will have to do for now.

I would like it to be 3 stories, but will go for 2 if money is an issue.  It will basically just be a big rectangle, large tan blocks walls, and the entrance will be a large half circle, the height of the house, black window frames ~4 feet high and ~2 feet wide.  The glass is "smart" glass and a switch inside would control the glass panes from being white, black, or transparent.  The entry way has rounded stair cases on either side that meet in the middle.  There is a center courtyard to the house, accessible to every room, possibly a pool in the center.  An arched "catwalk" would connect the left and right 2nd story over the middle of the courtyard.  This is also something i could do without if money is tight.  The 2nd/3rd story would have a hall way on the inner wall and rooms against the outer wall.  I’d like to have as many windows as possible along that hallway.  I want to be able to have easy access to the courtyard from outside the walls of the house, so i’m thinking the garage will have doors that open up to it.

some random items off the top of my head right now, that will be the primary content of future topic posts, are as follows:

LED faucets. –

fish themed bathroom with fishtank toilet and shower wall –

at least 2 secret passages.

a grass roof.

as i see stuff, get inspired with ideas, or remember things, i’ll post them here.  Hopefully i’ll live to the day i get to build this house.


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