Personal Update

mid-life crisis at 25.

31 October, 2007 (14:44) | Personal Update

turning 25 on the 16th…wow.  Deirdre just showed me a pic from my high school soccer days and said, "here’s you almost 10 years ago."  WTF  10 years ago??!  When the crap did that happen!?!?  shoot.  I havent done half of what i had hoped i’d do by the time i’m 25.  It’s really depressing, but most birthdays are for me.  That’s why I don’t work for that whole week.  Just so i don’t have the risk of having "a bad day" and getting even more depressed.  I don’t care if i sleep all day or if i am productive all day, the only thing that’s important is that I’m happy.  Egocentric and self-indulgant?  Mayhaps.  This year I’m going down to vegas.  WEEEEE.

As another indicator of how low ludicrous my degree is, I didn’t turn in the first assignment in one of my classes, half-arsed it through the whole class, it was supposed to be a professional writing class and I can’t think of one paper that I turned in.  But i got an A.  WTF.  When I first started back at school, i thought it was just me being an excellent slacker and social engineer, but now i realize it’s the lack of anything challenging, consequential, or pressured.  Mostly.  With one of the last 2 classes i have to finish, I have to write a 10 page paper.  That’s rather overwhelming to me.  I think i’ve written 1 twelve page paper before…at Pitt…during the whole semester.  This will give me 5 weeks to do it.  I think it might be our only grade, or the majority of our entire grade.   Joy in buckets i tell ya.

I think i found a good open mic to play at regularly on Monday nights.  I want to get a email list set up for people, and the most obvious/easiest for me would be to use the newsletter function built into this site.  So the trick is to get people to go through the registration process.  I might just try to do a batch user add with all my friend’s email addresses and set their passwords to something generic.  We’ll see what I can do…I do see that they hey ya acoustic cover in the downloads section has been downloaded 30 times though, and that’s pretty acceptable to me.  I think i’m going to jump into the studio, probably my uncle kenny’s, and record a demo CD to hand out to people.  That will give me some good quality recordings to replace the bad ones too.

Luke ravenstahl, the pittsburgh mayor, came by my house the other day.  he was walking through the hill district trying to get voters and i just so happen to notice him.  He came up to my door to meet me and shake my hand and ask me about what i did and how long i lived there and any issues I had.  I could have drilled him with questions like what is that "propel pittsburgh" committee doing, if anything, and why didnt i get on it, and why don’t you just take your own car to country concerts, and why don’t you chill out a bit when you’re obviously under the spotlight for being young and immature?  but that would have taken some preparation and relied on me being able to overcome the shock of seeing the mayor in my front yard, which did not happen.  Oh well.  Not like i vote anyway.  I am definitely seeing good stuff in the development of the hill district though, so i’d like to get behind him 100%, but dude just needs to be a little more considerate of how the city thinks of him and what he does.