when i was your age…

4 November, 2007 (21:48) | Memories

I think i had my first, "When I was your age…" moment a couple weeks ago.  Colin and I went out to see Rachel in Cleveland and we went to see Underoath and Poison the Well in concert.  If you’re not familiar with them, you’re not alone.  I’ve heard a few of their songs, nothing really my taste, but close enough, and I will never turn down a chance for some live music.  Now, to reminisce, I was definitely a concert goer when I was younger, and I’d always be in the  mosh pit; it was my second home.  So, for old times sake, I get in the pit at this show too.  I’ve having a great time, I’m a little bigger now, so i’m certainly holding my ground.  Now, one problem I’ve always had in the pit was when people are crowd surfing and I’m facing forward, they’ll come flying into the back of my head since I’m so much taller than the rest of the crowd.  A minor nuisance, I just lift the person forward and carry on with my moshing.  Now this particular night, someone is literally tossed into the air and as they land on my head, I’m struck pretty hard and stunned by what I can only assume to be a camera, or more likely an effing cell phone in their pocket.  Needless to say, that guy got tossed to the front of the crowd a little faster than he was planning.  I was ticked, and I had a bump on my head.  A few minutes later, i was retreating to where Rachel and Colin were, with the thoughts of, "When I was your age, we didn’t have cell phones!  We went to concerts with some cash, a ticket, and that’s all we needed!  You kids these days…"


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