11 December, 2007 (11:16) | Pittsburgh

A lot of development going on in Pittsburgh, and a lot of that development is being met with conflict.  You’ve got citizens of east liberty saying that the development going on there is forcing the low-income families out of the city.  You’ve got Don Bardon screaming "stop picking on me!" to all the people that are contesting his parking garage design.  You’ve got high number of drug users being jailed, but there are complaints since there are 10 times as many african americans jailed than whites when drug usage surely doesnt show much of a difference between races.  Kennywood, a major historic amusement park, just got sold to a Spanish company.

  It’s a lot of wasted time in my opinion.

You people complaining about development in east liberty:  get over it or get out.  The places are bringing jobs to your neighborhood.  These places are making your neighborhood look nice.  Since car burglary is on the rise in the area, it’s obvious that there are criminals in the area, and the more people that get arrested, the safer your neighborhood is going to be.  These are life decisions here, if you can’t afford to live somewhere, you move.  If you bought land, you’re sitting pretty.  If you’re thinking that people are forcing you out, then you’re victimizing yourself.  Maybe you should get a better job and challenge yourself.  Change your expenses like cable and cell phones and junk you don’t need.  I think that’s the general problem with american society, we get comfortable too fast and too sedentary, and when the world changes (as it always does) we get upset.  Embrace change before you get buried and paved over.

To Don Bardon:  You’re digging your own grave.  Calling people ridiculous and not being willing to change design is what will make people think, "this dude is an arse.  I’m not going to his casino."  I know that’s what I’m thinking.  The thing about pittsburghers is that we like things pittsburgh, and everyone else can take a hike.  So this guy from effing detroit comes in and thinks he can take our money and not listen?  Not going to fly.  A better strategy would have been to embrace concerns, these are your freaking customers.

To those anti-casino complainers:  Get over it.  The casino is going to happen, and if it’s a failure, they’re going to go, "wow, why is this a failure?"  and then you can say, "because your building is fugly and you didn’t listen to us."  Let them bury their own grave, it’s their business.

To the druggies:  OMG.  Why is everything about race in this effing city?!!?  Cops arrest people.  if the majority of those arrests are black, there’s probably a good reason for it that does not involve them turning their heads to white people.  It’s probably more along the lines of the places where cops need to be more frequently for crime there just so happens to be more black drug users.  Or maybe it’s that more black drug users are doing less to get away with it.  It doesn’t matter.  All of them are doing something illegal and they all belong in prison or rehab regardless of race.  get your crap together and quit complaining.

You Kennywood enthusiasts:  this one is too new to hear complaints just yet, but just like the glass of water in jurassic park, I’m feeling something big coming on.  Does it suck to lose a pittsburgh historical park to some spanish firm?  sure.  But they’re not taking the fricking park to spain.  IT’S still here!  They’re going to try to make you want to go there, imagine that!!!  Surely someone who is motivated to make it a worthwhile park is better than someone who is willing to sell the park without letting the community know it was up for sale.

All this complaining is taking the spotlight away from pittsburgh being ranked as a top travel location, a quick budget approval, free parking downtown during the holiday weekends, the new dinosaur hall, and 250th year celebration plans.