Hill district is getting some good stuff

3 January, 2008 (15:07) | News

Looking good!  Hill district getting a grocery store, developing the YMCA, and probably a bunch of good jobs reserved for residents.  This will really help with the new housing assitance law that passed Jan 1st.  People who have no jobs or income were paying $25 for rent at some places, but come 2008, they are paying $150.  When I went driving around on the 1st, I saw at least 3 people moving out, for what I could only assume because of that change.  So, we’ll give jobs to those who are able to work and that will justify the increase.  The other offset is tearing down old housing buildings in the projects and replacing it with nicer but smaller mixed income communities.  These work.  Crawford square, bedford hill, and oak hill are all mixed income and they’re beautiful, safe, and wonderful.  I lived in crawford square for 3-4 years before I bought my house a few blocks away.

Now all i gotta do is come up with a good purpose to get some money to buy/revitalize the new granada theatre and we’ll be all set.  I love that building.  LOVE.  I’d really like to see a music venue or jazz club, but i don’t think they’ll be up for commercial purposes.  Maybe we’ll see.