They’re burning the Hill District…AGAIN.

8 January, 2008 (11:54) | Pittsburgh

Remember when the residents of Pittsburgh’s Hill District burned their own homes and community to the ground in the 60s?  I wasn’t there to remember it, but the people who burned the Luke Ravenstahl’s proposed plan for redevelopment were, but it seems like forgot.  These people are going ego-tripping, power-hungry, and ostentacious.  They’re stuck on the terms of the plan having no defined promises, only concepts, and vague at that.  They’re right.  The problem is though they think they’re owed that.  The Hill District doesn’t need special treatment with it’s own development comittee.  No other district in the area has one.  The One Hill Group needs to stop riling up people in protest and start working with what the politicians are giving them.  Even Councilperson, Tonya Payne stated she thought the terms were good, but she would like One Hill ring in on their own.

I’m a land-owning resident of the Hill District.  I have been to these One Hill meetings and they all end up the same.  a few topics get barely covered and at least one person stands up, rants, raves, and hollers, turns to the rest of the group to rile support, and then all diplomacy and Robert’s rules of order and decorum is lost.