it’s just politics, polytricks, polydicks, and i’m no politician

9 January, 2008 (12:30) | Ramblings

I hate politics.  I always have and always will.  The bigger the politics, the worse they are, and in my opinion, the less effect they have but they get the most attention.  To quote the movie waking life, "Do you want the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right?"

I’m getting sick of all the Mitt romney, obama, ron paul, blah blah blah blog posts i’m seeing.  I DON’T CARE and YOUR OPINION MEANS NOTHING IN THE LONG RUN.  Politcal opinion blogs is the filthy blogosphere haze that covers Los Angeles.  Name one thing that Bush did that affects me.

  •  Patriot act?  I’ve never given the FBI reason to tap my lines, that I’m aware of.  I don’t use pay phones.
  •  RFID chip in passports? – Bush didn’t do it.  I got mine before they went into effect.
  • "War" (any of them, real, imaginery, or media hyped)?  I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart, check out loose change, zeitgeist, michael moore movies, and/or alex jones and tell me you don’t think differently afterward.  They all have their extemist curves, but let the facts filter through, and you’ve got some eye opening stuff.
  • Gas prices?  HA!  Exxon reported the highest profits in Q4 2006.  It’s all money motivated, and it makes me sick.  I walk to work anyway.

My point is with the check and balance system, the election of a single president pretty much means crap.  The majority of those elected have to be corrupt to have any effect.  I think that’s why we saw so many resignations after Bush was re-elected.  Throw in the electoral college, and YOUR vote is worthless.  You do not have final say.

The only time people have the power to do anything is in local government because it’s much easier to slip under the cracks, and no one takes it seriously enough.  When I moved school districts in highschool and still wanted to go to California, all it took was going to the school board and saying "can i stay?"  and they said "Josh is cool, let’s change the policy so Josh can come."  You can do whatever you want in local government because no one cares and you are the law.

The facts:

  • People are not going to move because they don’t like the president.
  • I’m pretty sure an "Enslave america" Act won’t pass the popular vote.  America is too large to enforce any life changing laws at the federal level.
  • TV and national news outlets bring the political drama to the masses readily because it’s topical and people will argue about it all day.  Don’t let it waste your time any further.

and for the record, I’m only bitter because Bob Dole didn’t win in ’96.  There, I said it.