My first kiss

14 February, 2008 (15:22) | Memories

Here’s on for valentine’s day.  1st grade, I had a major crush on Dana Morich.  Our class probably had a dozen or so kids in it, and I always felt like Dana and I were the smart 2, that we had some sort of connection there.  We were outside for recess, and no one was around, I told her to "look over there" and pointed to the side, and as she turned her head, I kissed her cheek.  I totally forget now is she slapped me or what….heh, I just know we got teased for a while about that.  That was the first time I wanted to kiss a girl.  There was this girl in kindergarten named Sarah that I had a crush on though.  She liked my cousin micah though.  When we had recess, the girls would chase us around the gym, I think they’d try to kiss us…but mostly just micah.  I think I might have been going through my fat salami stage in life…I dunno.  I always had to pull the girls off him and his face would be all red from: 1) embarrassment, 2) not being able to breathe, 3) the girls kissing his cheeks.  Fun times.  I wonder where they all are now….